Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Play 4th Edition (not) D&D. It's good for WizBro and "OKAY" for you . . . . .

I really can't believe people are still defending WizBro, with all the usual Bull Shit - any role playing is good role playing is my particular favourite - not only is it puerile populist claptrap, its simply not true!

It reminds me of the segment with the Robotic Food Dispenser in the Stallone Judge Dredd Movie "Eat recycled food. It's good for the environment and okay for you".

You might get an "okay" game out of 4e, but ONLY with a lot of effort - if you played a decent system, its easier, more fun - and a longer lasting experience.

WizBro Role playing, events, merchandising - all it does is benefit WizBro, there are so many smaller companies out there who are doing it for the love of the hobby, and not out of some obscene desire to make it into big business.

You can moan at me, berate me, criticize me, slag me off - but that doesn't change the fact that I am right about this.

And all the sock puppet-like comments in the world cannot change that fact!

That WizBro is being run along the lines of any other Lucas owned company - merchandise the HELL out of a franchise and be damned. Why do you think so many new Star Wars Characters get introduced all the time - BECAUSE IT MAKES THEM MONEY!

With the (not) D&D brand, we will continue to see obscure and unnecessary products released BECAUSE IT MAKES THEM MONEY. Cash flow is what matters to WizBro, NOT the Hobby - the sooner gamers out there realize it the better. Give your hard earned cash to someone else FFS!

4e (not D&D isnt even THAT popular, check out this -

They are trying to promote gamers getting into systems, and doing trades/buying collections to help people find the system they want -  but (and I quote) "We probably lost money on the straight trade of 4E" - because no F***ER WANTS IT THATS WHY!

PLAY ANYTHING else, Earlier editions (4e is so f***ing w**k I have a greater appreciation of 3.5 now), AD&D, Castles & Crusades, Labyrinth Lord - ANYTHING but boycott the tossers at WizBro!

Saturday, 18 September 2010


HOW T.F. can WizBro have the NERVE to create the Official "Dungeons & Dragons" page on FaceBook, like they are some "Beacon of Light" leading D&D Fans into the Future! 


One of my FB friends put it as "leading them down a long dark tunnel of despair is more like it" and in my opinion the "dark tunnel of despair" is called "The Money Pit".

Seriously D&D'ers out there, take a F**ing stand - play an earlier edition or use a "Retro-Clone" - the gaming experience is better and you will save a packet!