Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Return (A Lemurian Legend) Part One

Ages had past, such things had long past into legend. Those who remembered the old stories dismissed them as tall tales told by drunks in bars, and by parents to children at bedtime.

And yet, on the outskirts of the communities of Lemuria - strange shadows were seen in the night. Low to the ground, moving with grace and stealth.

Could it be, could they have returned after all this time. Some say that they are only seen in times of dire need, that they are one with the land - and seek to protect it at all costs. Others claim they are Half Breed Demons, sent by Asmodeus from the very pits of hell to take revenge on those who are good and holy.

Are they returned to the Land, if so - what doom awaits us.

And at who's hands . . . . . . .

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