Monday, 1 February 2010


I've had a couple of messages recently, from people moaning about me "mixing and matching" Castles and Crusades with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition.

They either believe that AD&D is sacred and should be left alone or the CC& is great as is!

I would simply like to point out a remark Gary Gygax once made over at the Dragonsfoot Forums -

YOU can decide for yourself, because what you decide is as valid as anything I might opine, doubly so in the case of your own campaign

Cheers, Gary


  1. I'd have though Gary's comment was self-evident, but I suppose some people need to be reminded from time to time. It's apparently pretty easy to get personal preference confused with objective reality.

  2. Personally, I found it difficult to run C&C *without* AD&D, its just not a very complete game (or at least wasn't back when we gave it a whirl).

    I mix & match S&W with OSRIC btw...;)

  3. Colios! I'd love to see your notes!