Monday, 5 April 2010

A Further Nail

Well, they have FINALLY reached the lowest they can go (I hope).

They have reduced D&D to the level of a Magic the Gathering Tournament.

The 'blurb' is as follows - "Earn exclusive rewards as you gain Renown Points for accomplishments made during each season"

This happens "in store" every week, complete with Rankings!

Dungeons and Dragons Encounters

You even get "product rewards" for example - creating an adventurer using Character Builder (which of course costs money), or creating a character using a Player’s Handbook 3 Class or Race (which again costs money).

Yes, yes - the nay sayers are going to say "they are a company out to make profit"!

But is this all future RPG'ers have to look forward too - a watered down "mockery" of what D&D used to be fused with a tournament system created in the image of "Tragic the Blathering" . . .


  1. This is nothing new really. Lots of companies have been giving out "product rewards" for loyal customers and people who play in live-in-store games for decades.

    When Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG came out I did tons of in store demos and we were working similar ideas back in 2003.

  2. Tim you really are a "special" individual aren't you, your "Fan Boy" nature gets more and more revealed each and every time you respond. If you ACTUALLY go and look at the Website, and compare it to the Magic Tournament format - its the same. Tim - don't be a douche.

  3. Muahahahahahahahaaaa!

    Edition nazis 1
    Tim brannan 0