Thursday, 3 March 2011

WizBro Logic

One of the "mainstays" of "Modern" Dungeons & Dragons is the use of a Battle Grid and Miniatures.

So why have they cut their own throat by stopping the miniatures line?

It's going to interfere with the Rules as they stand, and make things difficult for DM's too.

The whole dynamic of the game "shifts", pushing counters around a grid detracts from whats going on in my opinion - whereas miniatures, used well can enhance a game.

The OFFICIAL line is that the miniatures range ISN'T profitable any more - of course it isnt. You stopped it being a CMG for a start, re-issuing new packs whilst removing the collectable and competative elements - bang goes a large chunk of revenue.

Co-incidentally (well, I actually believe its NOT a co-incidence) WizKids sales have taken an upturn - so the CMG D&D collectors have obviously switched camps fairly quickly - and WizKids aren't missing a trick either - releasing LotR Clix and Star Trek Clix - to recruit even MORE customers/collectors from the void created by WizBro.

If the miniatures weren't selling that well in the absense of the CMG format, does that mean 4e isn't either - if the rules as they stand require miniatures. Then surely both DM's and Players (at least in theory) should be buying them, or are they buying other companies (superior) miniatures and painting them.

Reaper Miniatures do everything Player Character wise, and a fair chunk of monsters too.

Otherworld Miniatures produce a really BIG range (and its growing) of D&D Monsters with a lovely "Old School" feel to them.

I just feel like this is a really bad move for modern D&D, heck the D&D Franchise in general - alienating a large chunk of their customer base like that.

On the plus side, I think its going to recruit more players for games like Labyrinth Lord and Castles & Crusades - games that are more "old school" and economically accessible.

WizBro Logic . . . .

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  1. For a more economical (and less time consuming) option to painting metal or plastic miniatures, I've been using paper miniatures. Unlike counters or paper-standees, these actually look pretty good on the table when used along side metal or plastic minis. The best part is that you can download a lot of them for free at