Friday, 8 July 2011

In Depth Role Playing or Adventure Gaming

What do you prefer, I know I (and my Players) prefer Adventure Gaming.

Whats the difference I hear you ask, Adventure Gaming is like an Action Movie - light on Plot, high on Action and Investment in the Characters (as in you want to see the Heroes win) - I prefer to run Games like that.

A real "Roller Coaster" ride that keeps my players involved and guessing - fun, rowdy, and fast!

In Depth Role Playing - even my games have this sometimes, but I find it boring if that's ALL you ever do.

I remember once talking to a Guy who played Vampire the Masquerade twice a week (sometimes more) - they spent an ENTIRE SESSION that lasted over four hours talking at a Party . . . . . .

FFS if I want to do that I would actually go to a real damn Party, whats the point of  "playing" at real life - go out and LIVE IT FFS! OK there are no real Vampires to hang around with, I'll give them that - but I have to say - THATS why Live Action Story Teller games work better than on the table-top. In Depth Roleplaying works better in "person" IMHO.

Table-Top RPG's (for me at least) give me a chance to do things I would never do in reality - going down a Dark Dank Dungeon in search of Treasure, or swing across a wide Ravine on a Jungle vine to escape some Magical Abomination, or Hack a Government Mainframe to steal Top-Secret Weapon Designs - not stand around dressed like some reject from an Anne Rice Novel chatting!

High on Adventure is the key for any FRP, whether its D&D or Runequest - THAT'S the real key to fun and a great time being had by all IMHO. Thats not to say Roleplaying doesn't come into it, not at all - we should always at least attempt to play unique and distinct characters wherever possible - even when it comes to your own NPC's - that's a huge part of the fun I reckon.

4th Edition (Not) DnD have gone TOO far towards the Adventure Game Concept - its way WAY too light on the Role-playing. Almost all interactions within the gaming environment can be Governed by a Dice Roll - as opposed to Role-played Through - not good IMHO.

Too Far WizBro, Too Far.


  1. Difference between Vampire and real parties: because the conversations I have at a real party don't govern the continued existence of others, nor the fates of cities or destines of nations. It's a quieter kind of "doing things I'd never get to do in reality", but it is there. I do agree that Vampire and Mage games work better as LARPs unless you're really ramping up the supernatural effects, and I agree absolutely about the kind of lassitude promoted by dice rolls for everything.

  2. I'm a "doer" rather than a "poncer" though, I've never found the need to "pose" like a lot of Vampire the Masquerade players do. I was at a session (quite a number of years ago now) when "Dave" (Name changed to protect him from embarrassment) was asked what his character looked like. Proud and Arrogant, "Dave" stood up put on his Leather Trench-coat - crossing his arms and looking broody and stern "Like this" he said confidently. "So Like a Dick then" said the GM . . . . .