Sunday, 27 May 2012

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition

OK, Reading - I've done a LOT of Reading of late (and not just the Historical Research of I've been doing recently either).

I was re-reading my AD&D books last night, looking to planning some new games and I've come to a conclusion - I really REALLY don't think I am ever actually going to "buy into" D&D Next.

Don't get me wrong, for the most part I've really enjoyed what I've seen . . . . .

BUT (there's always a big BUT in these sort of Blog Posts don't you think) I adore AD&D 1st Ed to an almost irrational degree, and as a consequence I am more than happy with the way it plays/runs/feels.

I am actually in love with running AD&D (call me sad if you want, tbh I don't give a crap) - and (naturally) my players are happy when I'm happy (well, happy when they don't screw up during a Dungeon LoL).

So - nope, I'm not going to change ever I don't think. I'll still run Castles & Crusades - its a brilliant game, perfect for newbies and those who prefer a "rules lite" RPG experience. But my Heart will ALWAYS belong to AD&D 1st Edition.

This isn't just borne out of growing suspicions over D&D next (HOWEVER after reading and re-reading it there's actually a lot of 4E "badness" in the document that has (unfortunately) simply been re-tooled and/or re-named, but if you read it again and pay close enough attention to the wording (I.E. the way these rules work) these "things" are still in there (a Bonus of 1,000 XP to those people who've spotted them too).


  1. I played for years back in the late 80's.... I really Like Ravenloft..... Wish that the "Mists" would just come and take me away from All of this.... Your new Follower ....the Doctor

  2. I played the BASIC boxed set rules in the late 80s and early 90s before switching to a hybrid 1e-2e game where we used most of the second edition rules but played in 1e adventures, like the Temple of Elemental Evil, or in adventures from Dungeon Magazine. We also played a lot of our own made up stories too.

    I recently posted the details of our BASIC rules characters online at a webpage I called THACO DRAGON (which is modified rules for the 2nd edition).

    Here is the link to the page (below), where you can find some of the details for the characters we played, including a few from our AD&D days:

    I also made up a few adventures to go along with the site that can be found in the side column on the right.

    As you can probably tell, I have very strong affections for the game.

    Great post !