Friday, 20 April 2012

D&D - In or Out?

Searching through the blogoshpere, I came across a short article about D&D Next at Tenkars Tavern "DnD Next is the RPG Equivalent of the Movie Dusk to Dawn"!

One phrase in particular stood out to me in the 20th of Aprils entry "D&D Next started out as One Game to Rule Them All, and has now turned into Bruce and Monte Bring Their House Rules to 3rd Edition"

By Gygax I hope not, if it is - "I'm Out" for a fact!


  1. But is One Game to Rule Them All really that much better?

    In any case, I hope you got a chuckle from the rest of it ;)

  2. I wasn't that convinced by the "one rule" idea to begin with, but if it does turn out to be a hash of old 3rd Edition ideas - I (for one of many I would imagine) won't be buying into it.

  3. I keep having to suggest the only solution and a missed opportunity for this edition:

    The Game

    Since its early beginnings the Dungeons and Dragons Role Play Game has undergone an incredible metamorphosis. There are now two types of D&D Character. These are the Pre-generated Online Tournament Character which is found wandering the Online D&D Campaign Settings and the Home-play D&D Character who wanders through your imagination and your campaign setting that you create at home with family and friends.

    It is because those two versions of the game have been so intertwined that the game has become increasingly overly complex and overwhelming to so many gamers that it has become a tournament level game played by professional Gamers according to tournament level rules covering everything from character generation to combat. One of the great achievements of D&D was the Frank Mentzer Edition of D&D in 1983 which began with the Red Boxed Set with the Elmore Cover.

    It is because there was a difference between these two versions of the game and those who played them that this manual exists to solidly separate those two game methods.

    Pre-generated Online Tournament Characters

    Online Computer Network Tournament Characters are pre-generated characters who are part of the fictional campaign setting managed and owned by WOTC and whose actions under the control of Players will be applied to fantasy fiction as Canon events; Consequently if a Character is slain that death will be relayed to the fiction which is based on the in-tournament actions of those characters. This is to provide players with real outcomes from their tournament game participation. These pre-generated characters will be provided by WOTC as Campaign Tournaments occur.

    Home-play Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Characters

    This is the old style roll up abilities, pick a race, and class character generation. The basic roll 3d6 for each ability and make adjustments character is purely for your home play campaign setting. It’s minimized to ensure that it is playable and fast and most of all – fun.

    This is going to be about sharing a lot of the game creation idea with one another. In the end this version of D&D has always been a shared property created by everyone who plays and contributes to the game.

    It is this Home-play Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Character that will be detailed in this manual with rules allowing for its play.

    For the Dungeon Master and Players

    This is about creating your Game. In the same way Gary Gygax and his friends created Greyhawk and Forgotten Realms. This is about the campaign setting you and your fellow players will create and play in.