Monday, 24 May 2010

Medical Aid in the 24th Century

There are certain liberties taken with this part of the rules, the simple reason being to keep the game going – if characters end up dead or incapacitated after one fight – where’s the fun in that! So I’ve made healing (and thereby Medi-Kits and Doctors) rather more powerful.

All Healing and Medical Treatment are dependent on the Star Fleet Equipment at hand as well as the Skill of the individual using them. As I mentioned in the “Seige Engine and Star Fleet Training” section, a Doctor gets +2 on the Roll when attempting a Medical Procedure, whilst a Star Fleet Officer would just get +1 per Level – and wouldn’t be able to achieve as much as a Star Fleet Doctor could.

The Challenge Rating is ALWAYS calculated as following –

Hit Points = to the number of Hit Points you want to heal.

Life Points = to 2 x the number of Life Points you want to heal.


No Medi-Kit = +2 to the Challenge Level for Medical Staff, +4 for all other Star Fleet Personel.

Example – Captain Kurt wants to heal 7 Life Points to the Ferengi Spy to bring him around. There is no Medi-Kit. The GM rules its an Int based Task for Kurt. Luckily Kurts Int is Primary, so the Challenge Base is 12. +4 for No Medi-Kit, and +14 for the Life Points Kurt needs to heal. This gives a final Challenge Rating of 30! Fortunatley in these rules a 20 always succeeds (and a 1 always fails) so Kurt needs to roll a Natural 20 to revive the Ferengi! But if he rolls a natural ‘1’ the Ferengi could be in a lot of trouble . . . .

Medi-Kit = +2 to all Medical Rolls

Runabout or Long Range Shuttle Medi-Bay = +4 to all Medical Rolls

Starship/Starbase Sick=Bay = + 8 to all Medical Rolls.

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