Monday, 17 May 2010

Star Trek

A while ago I expressed a desire to write some rules for Star Trek Roleplaying, after writing a STUPIDLY detailed and OVERLY complex set of character generation, background creation, and skillset rules I realized that had all been done before.

So, I re-thought everthing . . . .

Why have a seemingly endless list of skills when Castle & Crusades SEIGE Engine facilitates everything. Characters in the Star Trek Universe are remarkably well trained, if you give them a Bonus for their "Field of Expertise" (Engineering, Life Sciences, Medicine, Security, etc), allow them to attempt Tasks involving Starfleet Training/Operations with no penalty, and only really penalize them on rolls involving Non-Starfleet Tasks you not only make things a lot simpler (allowing for more roleplaying rather than "roll" playing) but actually replicate the "high-end" skill levels of such well rounded and extremely well-trained individuals.

Of course I had to change combat a little, Armour Class is gone - with Phasers, Disruptors, and other high-energy weapons; personal armour becomes pointless. Now there is a Reflexes Stat, which not only covers Reflex saves (much like 3rd Edition D&D) but serves as the "target number" for all attacks.

So, over the next few weeks I will be posting these rules on my Blog - if they prove popular I may even do a website for them!

Next - Expanded Attributes, Primary, Secondary, & Tertiary


  1. That reasoning is sound, much like class-skills and cross class skills... An engineer would obviously have a different trained skill set than say a security officer. Never say Warf pushing the engines, you know?

    How are you handling Commander Data, or Androids in general? Or are you sticking to Classic Trek?

  2. Matt - Androids are a "different" Case, I'll be posting Races soon (or should Androids be put in the Equipment section LoL).