Monday, 9 January 2012

5th Edition D&D Announced

Dust off your Wallets D&D Fans!

As I predicted early last year (and suffered even more hate attacks and abuse than usual), 5th Edition would be announced next (now this) year.

The Articles (both news and off the Wizbro website) read as hopeful, they kinda (in a VERY round about way) admit they screwed up with 4th - alienating fans etc.

Whether or not they are going to get it right waits to be seen, but (as usual) I am excited and remain optimistic. I just hope (for once) I am correct in my optimism.


  1. I am with you on this. I remain optimistic.

    While I enjoyed 4e, I found myself actually playing more "classic" D&D over the last year.

    Let's see 5 brings us.

  2. I didn't like 4th at all in the end, after running it a lot - it was D&D in name only. They bastardized everything IMHO - I went back to 1st Edition AD&D (with a little 2nd thrown in) and Castles and Crusades really quickly.