Monday, 9 January 2012

Do you know, where you are going to . . . . .

I actually bought into the whole 4e package to begin with, Rulebooks, T-Shirts, running Demo's etc. But I must admit, it didn't take me that long to "burn out" on the whole thing.
 When I got fed up with it (which really didn't take that long at all) I FLEW back to AD&D 1st Edition (which is still my favourite version of the Game) with some Castles & Crusades on the side (which was my gateway system, to get people to play AD&D) - so my imagination hasn't been stilted or abandoned, just dissapointed.
I'm really REALLY hoping 5th Edition "cuts it" as far as I am concerned - my AD&D Books are looking tired and well worn now, and they are getting increasingly expensive to replace should I  need to.

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  1. Here's hoping it is a fun new game, or system. Really I don't know much about it, but there is quit the buzz about.