Monday, 23 January 2012

D&D Next/5e

I can't help wondering (and worrying) if it's actually going to work, I really REALLY want it too - I've loved D&D since the White Box Edition.

Played Basic, then AD&D 1st Edition to DEATH - kept running 1st, but learned 2nd for those who like it.

Really couldn't get to grips with 3rd/3.5 - too many options, to open to abuse by unscrupulous players - I wasn't a fan at all (it still didn't stop me trying, but after one Scenario - played over seven weeks, I went back to AD&D 1st with a little 2e thrown in).

Then came 4th, and I bought into it - but it wasn't satisfying, not at all - really not enjoyable to run or play for me - so I started running 1st ed AD&D and Castles and Crusades for my "newbies".

Over time, AD&D 1st and C&C started to fuse - and we had something great going on. So it was more than apparent some of the newer concepts/elements worked great, they needed incorporating.

Is this what we are going to see with D&D Next/5e?  What they 'seem' to be reaching for is a little like the 2e re-vamp, with the Skills & Powers books etc

A specific "core" with books and rules you can plug in. Thats actually a style that appeals to so many gamers, I'm still REALLY hopeful they get it right this time - all the promises and chatter seem "spot on", so I wait with baited breath . . . .

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