Friday, 12 March 2010

The First Dungeons and Dragons Movie

I make no bones about the fact me and the Mrs actually like the first Dungeons & Dragons Movie (I like the second one too, she does not) - They are great fun, and I find them entertaining.

A lot of people REALLY don't like them, to the degree of spitting venom whilst discussing them!

BUT, did you know that technically the Dungeons & Dragons movie that was released in 2000 ISN'T the first D&D Movie -

Krull (1983) is . . . . . .

Upon its conception Krull was supposed to be the official Dungeons & Dragons movie adaptation, and was even titled so, with artwork and press releases prepared under that name.

At some point before the completion of the film, the Dungeons & Dragons license was removed from the project.

As there was turmoil in the TSR camp bubbling into life at the time, one can only imagine as to why the license was pulled out from under the production.

An interesting piece of trivia about the Dungeons & Dragons Movie that never was . . . . .


  1. D&D and movies? Hey, I've posted on that very subject today (check it out)

    The first D&D movie was okay in a very corny way. Zoe McClellan was definitely a plus. Marlon Wayans was a BIG minus. In fact, there were members of the audience when I watched it who cheered when he died. I was one of them!

    I've not seen the second one.

    And it's been so long since I saw Krull that I honestly cannot remember all that much about it.

  2. Linda (the Mrs LOVES Snails - ur a dead man LMAO!

  3. I have Krull on DVD actually,i made michelle watch it,and she hated it!

  4. I quite like it actually, but Linda hates it too LoL!

  5. wow i LOVED krull as a kid (before i even heard of dnd). that's an interesting factoid. i looked it up on youtube the otherday - not as cool as i remember somehow.

    as for the jeremy irons film my fave line is 'let the blood rain down from the sky!' not

    didn't know there was another one after this

  6. Yup "Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God (2005)" ( - most people prefer the second one, its more serious nad has a stronger spread of characters. Bruce Payne returns as Damodar too!