Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Wizards of the Cost

This is a True Story, which given my recent rantings about WizBro I found quite funny.

Back when my friend Chris used to get involved with science fiction conventions, there was one where Wizards of the Coast wanted an advertisement in the programme book.

Someone at Wizards of the Coast had fouled up and the ad called them ‘Wizards of the COST(which is more than appropriate LMAO).

The editor of the programme wrote back to them pointing out the mistake, and after some time waiting they still hadn’t replied, so the add got published as written.

I think they should change their name LoL!


  1. Hehehe...talk about Freudian slips...

  2. Could'nt have said it better myself...

  3. Truths can be funnier than fiction LoL!