Friday, 5 March 2010

New Forum

A friend and I thought it was about time there was a Forum that DIDN'T have to talk about 4th Edition (not) DnD with any respect or manners whatsoever LMAO!

On a more serious note, why yet ANOTHER Forum dedicated to RPG's.

Because I think the current climate warrants it!

Let me explain, in my humble opinion there is too little respect for what Gary Gygax did for our hobby - its only been two years since he passed and on another forum I posted a quick mention of the anniversary of Garys death - and only Warduke had the common decency to respond.

After I had a rant about this, the Forum owner gave some platitudes about people remembering Gary in their own way, with no need to make their feeling public - I felt that was a load of crap to be perfectly frank - and a total lack of respect for the great man

The Realm of Dungeons and Dragons - it is a place not only to discuss AD&D/Basic D&D, Retro-Clones, and Conversions - but a place to honour Gary's legacy and celebrate what he left behind for all of us.

Please feel free to Join in!

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