Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Internet makes for a Lazy DM and Argumentative Players

Here's an evocative statement, that no doubt will bring cries of abuse and disagreement -

"the Internet makes for a Lazy DM and Argumentative Players"

I believe that, I really do - I've seen it come about since the RPG's started having a stronger internet presence. When the RPG Forums first started, it was all about general chat and ideas - now more and more its about people being confused about rules and asking really REALLY dumb questions.

Now either the rules are getting more complicated or people are getting dumber - logically speaking it has to be one or the other - or does it . . . . .

"Back in the Day" (Linda my Mrs hates that saying LoL) there was no Internet, the only way of getting questions answered was to write to White Dwarf (when it was an RPG magazine, not a gorram miniatures catalogue), Imagine Magazine, or Dragon Dragon Magazine. They took the pertinent questions and published responses. But - for the most Part DM's would read the rules thoroughly and properly to gain a more full understanding of them.

THESE DAYS I really do believe its a matter of laziness. Why waste a couple of hours actually reading the rules properly, when I can post my question/problem on a Forum and have someone "spoon feed" me the answer I need - seems to be the norm.

I've NEVER had a set of RPG rules I haven't understood - now I am not making that statement out of ego or to try and make myself out to be some form of genius. I'm no Einstein, but when somethings written in plain English - I really REALLY don't see what the problem is. UNLESS (as I pointed out) people are being lazy . . . .

As for Argumentative Players, I blame Forums (and Blogs) for this to a certain extent too.

My DM's does things THIS way, I see from the Forum/Your Blog (delete as appropriate) that you do things THAT way. I prefer your way of doing things, so therefore I'm going to be an ass for my DM from now on!

Now I know thats a non-specific example, but I think its clear what I mean. Now for the most part I've been lucky with players - I've only ever had one really argumentative player, and thats because he was a DM himself and saw things a little differently to myself. But after a chat and a Pint, we were able to reach a middle ground and the disruptions ceased.

I know for a fact some DM's have the hardest of times from some players (I get a LOT of Emails from fellow DM's who just find it hard to cope with such players), and to those players I have the following to say.


Your DM/GM/CC is the Boss - Period! It's his game, his world, his way of doing things. I don't CARE what issues you might have with him or the way he runs his games - HE'S IN CHARGE.

Grow a Pair, be a Grown-Up, & Play Nice!


  1. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...what's a magic missle?

  2. I will now follow the advice I read on the internet...:D

  3. Good point.

    But I can't believe people argue to that extent with the DM - it's supposed to be FUN

  4. I had one guy Email me, I'm not going to mention names as I only know him by his net name (and it would be embarrasing for him). He was so wound up by it I ended up ringing him - I could hear the anger and frustration in his voice. YES its meant to be fun, but some people are naturally very competative and argumentative - to such an extent its not healthy!