Saturday, 18 April 2009

4th Ed DnD Rant (re-mix)

People really have some venom towards 4th Edition DnD - don't they!

Do they see it simply as change for changes sake, or maybe the WotC's attempt to wring more cash out of the DnD players/fan base?

TBH after reading through all the Introductions, Net-Information, Blogs, and watching the GenCon presentations on YouTube I can actually see why they would think badly of WotC - none of the information presented about the New Edition really tells the story CLEARLY and none of it is all in one place.

A lot of folks have issue with miniatures playing such a big part of the combat rules in the new Edition, I'm not sure why. RPG's are an evolution (remember that word) of Table Top Wargaming - and were INTENDED to be used with Miniatures.

If you remember my previous post -

4th Ed DnD Rant (again)

Some People are STILL ranting about using a Combat Grid an Miniatures, how its not like proper DnD and nothing like earlier editions - to them I say this -

Dungeons and Dragons: Rules for Fantastic Medieval Wargames Campaigns Playable with Paper and Pencil and Miniature Figures.

Thats straight from the blurb on the cover of the 1974 boxed set. . . . . . . .
So the constant berating and moaning about 4th Ed being nothing like oDnD is nothing but moaning for moanings sake (a very common thing on the Internet, its easy for negative people to whine and hide behind their words).

If you don't like something about an RPG - you CHANGE it. I personally an not a fan of the Modern RPG concept of everybody being equal, the word 'broken' is used WAY too much if you ask me. Balance comes from the DM and the way he handles his Stories, Scenarios, and his players. But these days, with the vast majority of people either being unwilling or unable to put a great deal of effort in - its an attempt to make RPG's easier to manage.

To that I say SCREW it! Lets make everything fun again, and CHANGE things to suit YOU and your gaming group.

Back on point -
  • 4th Edition is an evolution of D&D, AD&D, then D&D 3rd (then 3.5) - I remember the hassle and stress amongst Players and DM's alike when 3rd first came out - Feats had a VERY negative response no one saw why they had been put in - now with 3.5 (and Pathfinder) they are part and parcel of DnD and people just accept they are there.
  • Folks complain about PC's being too 'Hard' at first level - but LOADS of people moaned about starting characters at first level. I myself have been badgered by Players wanting to start at 3rd level or higher. Now those same players are complaining about PC's being too good at First level - FFS Hypocrisy or what!
  • The constant moaning about all the Classes are the same, no one is any different, all the Powers feel the same - ARRANT NONSENSE! The Powers, Spells, Prayers, and Exploits all work in the same way - that is they have the same basic mechanic. But they are all different in appearance and feel. After many a long debate with Gamers about this, the ones who protest the most know the least about 4th Edition - so my advice is ignore them as they don't really know what they are talking about.
  • IF you don't like the Combat rules as they stand, change them. Squares become 'bands' of Range of 6 Feet. Its not exactly hard to work out. Its a good idea to do this anyway, as not all Combats will play out in the same way - some spring out of nowhere and you haven't always got the time (or the resources) to play them out on the Table. Using the squares to feet conversion will enable you to play them out WITHOUT using a Grid and Miniatures. Try it, it makes a change and works quite well.
  • I don't like the DnD Bits of Rubber - A lot of people don't. So don't use them, there are plenty of figure Manufacturers out there - Reaper do an AMAZING range of suitable miniatures. For the more exotic Models, I am SURE some company somewhere will be making something suitable at some point - if not, get converting!
As you might perceive, I am the sort who looks for solutions rather than whines and moans about problems.

IMHO more people should do the same, especially when it comes to gaming.

Its fun, try it . . . . . .

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