Saturday, 4 April 2009

Random Musings

Its a funny old world really, and I must admit - I pretty much hate it. When you read or hear about the horrors people are capable of in the world, it makes one wonder . . . .

I've read a lot of blogs about DnD and RPG's in general. Peoples lives and histories, loves and losses, you know the sort of thing - pretty much an online diary.

One thing I've noticed, is that people who play RPG's are good people - seriously. I've had anger issues in the past, but never when I've been actively Role Playing (the same cannot be said about Miniature Wargaming, but thats another story).

Sure I've known Role Players who have fallen the wrong side of the law, but NEVER when they've been active in the Hobby.

Can the same be said for Console/Computer Game addicts - I have personally encountered all sorts of Horror-Stories. Shoplifting, stealing from family and friends - even worse (I won't go into that here as its a really upsetting story).

Its an odd thing, and I wonder how many people have encountered situations similar.

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