Sunday, 26 April 2009

A New Appreciation

Now its gone, but not forgotten by some Gamers - who tend to be like rabid dogs when it comes to letting something go - I have a new-found appreciation for DnD 3.5.

It was playable, and fun - albeit more of a Dice Rolling exercise - thats not a challenge towards Players and DM's of 3.5 - an RPG is as good as its Players make it, a really bad set of rules can be turned into an excellent Role-Playing experience given enough enthusiasm and tenacity.

HOWEVER - I still think that its very 'bitty' in its presentation, with a LOT more cross-referencing needed during play than is neccessary. Also, the Multi-Classing is way out of wack - its (sort of) a combination of the Multi and Dual Classing rules from 1st Ed ADnD - with all of the benefits and none of the pitfalls!

Still, upon saying that - its only two real gripes - and as Gygax said "Its your game now, if you don't like something - change it"!

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