Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Wow, people are sensitive!

Wow, people are sensitive!

Just got 'smacked' for having a differing opinion (as in I like it) to other posters about 4e on a Yahoo-Forum. The thread began with someone asking whether he should stick with 2e or buy into 4e, I originally responded with that I really like 4e but perhaps he should stick with what he's knows and enjoys.

Actually (on a side track) I never really bought into 2e - The Kit thing was an excuse not to work on character background and motivation and there were too many 'bits' spread out here and there (3.5 got a little too much like that towards the end - making a new edition VERY important).

Hmmmmm, its odd how people praise you when you go with the pack - and yet take it VERY personally indeed when you actually enjoy something the 'majority' (OK, you can't call them the majority - if they were 4e would have already been withdrawn by now - I'm pretty sure WotC aren't financially suicidal).

I really don't understand the venom towards 4e, does anyone out there in 'Blog-Land' know?

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