Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The 'Ages' of D&D

Something slightly different today.

I Ran across this blog post by a Mr James Malizewski and thought some of you might find it an interesting read . .

Basically, James takes a look at the history of the game through a Series of "Ages" similar to the "ages of mankind" which the ancient Greek Hesiod used to describe the passage of human history.

The idea is that history Begins with a 'Golden Age' and then descends through the baser metals as Time goes on and the world changes (and not always for the better).

You will notice in the comments section, there are some interesting debates about viewing the game's history through that prism (or any of Several others).

I am 100% in agreement with him to be frank (and posted a comment to that fact) and just wanted to pass the link on.

I really don't think he's alone in the feeling that change isn't always for the best . . . . . . .

Keep Rollin'

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