Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Something for Halloween

Its been a pretty rotten week, my Bank account got closed due to a 'clerical error' (read - the bank doesn't really know why) and its taken forever to get the funds transferred and the direct debits re-set up.

But enough of the real world, onto something new (old?).

An ongoing project for me is the conversion of much of Booty and the Beasts, so in anticipation of the 31st - something for Halloween . . .

The Leucomorph


SIZE: Large

HD: 14

MOVE: 30 ft

AC: 16

ATTACKS: 1d6 (tentacles) 3d6 or 2 (fists) 4d8

SPECIAL: Horror/Disgust, Knockback, Spine Removal, Alkaline Damage (2d6)


INT: Low

ALIGNMENT: Chaotic/Evil

TYPE: Extraplanar


XP: 1500+10 per HP

A degenerate descendent of C’thulhu and the old ones, the Leucomorph is about the most disgusting and repulsive creature around. Its misshapen torso looms over 7 feet tall. At its base in place of legs are thick sucker-lined tentacles. Hundreds of inch-thick cilia writhe obscenely in its huge drooling maw, and crowning the beast’s head are many waving antenna.

Such is the Leucomorphs horrific visage and foul stench, any intelligent creature viewing a Leucomorph must save or flee in horror for one hour. If a save is made the viewer will merely wretch uncontrollably for 1-4 melee rounds, causing him to attack and defend at -5. If there is a target within five feet; the Leucomorph may strike with 1-6 of its tentacles constricting for 3-18 points each.

I t may punch with its fists which do 4-32 of damage each, and knock a man-sized victim 20 feet backwards (strength test with a difficulty of 10 to avoid).

This creature can also attempt to remove an opponent’s spine by draping its many cilia over an enemy's head and then sucking the spine out through the cranial region, causing instant death. Because of the difficulty of this task, there is only a 20% chance (a roll of 16+ on a d20) that on any hit the spine will be removed. If unsuccessful, the victim will still take 2d6 alkaline damage from the beasts’ unnatural slobber.

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