Tuesday, 13 October 2009

More ideas for Wizards & Clerics

Here are some more rules and ideas imported from AD&D 1st ed, for both Wizards, Illusionists, Clerics, and Druids.

Maximum Spell Level

Having a Maximum Spell Level based upon Intelligence, that Wizards can cast to - is a nice idea from AD&D that never made its way into C&C.

The more Intelligent your Wizard (or Illusionist) is, the more complicated the Spells he may learn.

To calculate the Maximum Spell level the Wizard or Illusionist may learn, simply divide his (or her) Intelligence by 3 (rounding down) and add 1 to the Total.

For example - Tobo INT 15) managed to get into Magic School, his INT is 15 - so the highest Spell Level he can attempt to learn is 6th Level (15/3=5, 5+1=6).

Tobo can still rise in Experience Level, but the maximum Spell Level he can ever cast is 6th Level (unless he can increas his INT Score).

Learning New Spells

Rather than 'cherry picking' the Spells the player wants, each time the Spell Caster goes up in level. He must make an INT check, with a difficulty based on the Level of the Spell he wishes to learn.

A Wizard/Illusionists Level is never added to this roll, as the Spell Casters Level is what gave him the ability to learn that Spell in the first place.

Should he pass the roll, the Spell is learned and added to the Spell Casters Spell Book. Should the roll be failed, the Character in question may not attempt to learn that spell again untill he either goes up in level or has his INT score increased.

Maximum Number of Spells of each Level.

Maximum Number of Spells/Level is the maximum number of spells which can be known - according to the character’s Intelligence. This Number is equal to the Spell Casters INT score (up to 19 INT) and unlimited for INT 19+.

Spell Failiure

Clerics (and Druids) with low Faith (as represented by their Wisdom score) had a chance their Spells would not work. This was expressed as a percentage.

Obviously, this simply does not fit into the Castles & Crusades system, so rather than that its now expressed as a positive modifier on all the Clerics (potential) victims Saving Throws.

WIS Score

Targets sv. Bonus

WIS Score

Targets sv. Bonus

























Those characters with a WIS score of 13+ suffer no penalties.

This (of course) only applies is someone REALLY wants to play a Cleric (or Druid) with a very low Wisdom score, or has had their WIS score lowered by some external means.

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