Friday, 30 October 2009

Another Halloween Treat

Halloween tomorrow, one of mine and the Mrs favourite Holidays.

So, again in honour of that most spooky of nights - some "thing" else from the pages of Booty and the Beasts - The Dara . . . . . .

The Dara


SIZE: Small

HD: 4

MOVE: 20 ft

AC: 14

ATTACKS: 1 x 1d6 (stinger)

SPECIAL: Innocent Appearance, Paralysing Venom, +3 Initiative


INT: High

ALIGNMENT: Neutral/Evil

TYPE: Extraplanar


XP: 800+15 per HP

The Dara are a race of hermaphroditic creatures that outwardly look like sweet and innocent young girls aged around 8 or 9 years old. In actuality, they possess a highly malevolent and devious mind and internally closely resemble a cockroach.

Their single form of attack is their hidden sting which can lash out up to 5 feet away. The sting does 1d6 points of damage on a successful hit, and in addition injects the target with a paralysing venom. The victim must make a save vs. poison, which if failed will result in total paralysis for a full hour. The victim will just about be able to breath, but be incapable of any other actions. If the save is passed, the target of the sting is only partially affected – and as a consequence is reduced to one-half dexterity and movement for 10 minutes.

Dara are always encountered alone, using their deceptively innocent appearance to trap unwary travellers. Dara are always found wandering aimlessly, and needing help and protection – apparently lost.

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