Thursday, 15 October 2009

Intellect Devourers

Yet ANOTHER Psionic Monster, what is he thinking (I can hear your thoughts from here) I can hear you asking yourselves.

I love em, always have. I am attracted to the weirdness of them!

Anyway, without further ado - the Intellect Devourer.



SIZE: Medium

HD: 6D6+6

MOVE: 34 ft

AC: 16

ATTACKS: 4 (Claws) 1D4

SPECIAL: See Below


INT: Very

ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Evil

TYPE: Aberration


XP: 1510+8 per HP


Attack/Defense Modes: CE/FG

The intellect devourer is one of the most feared of monsters. They are found dwelling deep beneath the ground or in dark and dismal lairs in the wilderness. Although they are able to attack with their great claws, their primary offensive means is psionic, for they subsist on the psychic energy of their prey - whether gained from the dying shriek or by more subtle means.

If psionic energy (from abilities or magical means) is in use nearby (60ft) they will stalk the user, seeking a time to attack him alone and by surprise. The monster then leaps upon his victim, tearing with his claws and psionically attacking with ego whip or id insinuation. If psionically successful the ‘devourer will then house itself within the mindless body, seeking to deceive others by assuming the character of the person it has slain. The intellect devourer will then seek opportunities to attack and devour others. They are able to hide in shadow as well as a 10th level Rogue. Normal weapons and most spells have no effect upon these monsters. Magical weapons +3 or more cause 1 point of damage upon them when they hit.

Bright light will drive them off, and a protection from evil will keep them at a distance. Fireballs serve only as a bright light, but lightning bolts will cause them pain and some small damage (1 point per die of lightning bolt strength). A spell that causes instant death has a 25% chance of success, and a power word kill will slay them. Of course, they can be psionically attacked, and their psionic strength of 200 total makes this not too difficult. However, if seriously threatened they will seek to flee and save themselves.

Their awareness extends to the astral and ethereal planes, and intellect devourers often roam the astral and ethereal planes. They are able speak any human language.

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