Saturday 5 February 2011

Memories and Old Friends

I started, ALL those years ago with OD&D - my Nan bought it me back from a trip to see my cousins in the US. Not that it was her idea to buy it for me; it was one of my American cousins (I never did find out who).

I was hooked, myself and my friend Philip would spend hours playing - we roped his Mum (Rose) in for one game - she was UTTERLY confused LoL! But whereas my addiction increased, Philips interest waned.

I went on to study Music, was in a Band (Philip became a drinker, and died in a drunk driver incident) and quickly roped my fellow rockers into playing. I came to know and become firm friends with a guy named Steve - we were both in Six of One (the Prisoner society) and knowing Staves penchant for adventure shows, I suggested AD&D (I had gone through Basic/Expert with the Band - you know, the red and blue boxed sets - and was moving into AD&D by this time) - I have always been a bit of a tarter as a DM.

You can bring an established character into my games, providing your old DM can confirm what you have, or has signed off on your notes or character sheet somewhere - just to keep things fair to my other players really. Likewise, I would PREFER you to roll your characters in front of me or at the very least with another player to witness your rolls. If that’s impossible, then you have to use a point’s allocation system I devised.

Too much information? LoL! No - it’s setting the "scene" for the next part.

Steve came around my house bright and early that Saturday. We were going to roll his character up, then actually role-play him buying his equipment (I always give people their clothes, a dagger, and walking boots/shoes anyway - I think its "illogical" to start them naked IMHO) - So, sitting at our Kitchen table - with Tea and Biscuits provided by my Mum (very British I know) we settled down to roll up Steve’s first character - Londarth Drogos.

I wanted Steve to start with a Fighter, always best for a Newbie - we were using 3D6 in order. Steve amazed me with his rolls, and this is the ONLY time I've EVER seen this done - he rolled straight 18's for every attribute, after doing it three times - I insisted he change his dice after 3 18's, and he rolled 3 more. Londarth was Steve’s longest running character; his Ranger Grath Von Eltz had good solid attribute scores - but (obviously) not a patch on Londarth.

Unfortunately Steve passed away from Cancer some years ago - its a shame that very few people in real life have Con 18. I recently managed to get the figure he used for Londarth off EBay - a Vintage Citadel C01 Paladin. 

I miss you Steve mate, I hope you keep rolling high wherever you are . . . . . . . .

Castles & Crusades Conversions

After chatting to various C&C Fans that I know, the greater majority want to see my series of conversions return.

So over the next few weeks, I shall be doing just that - starting with the C'thulhu Mythos from the original Print of Deities and Demigods.

I will be leaving the Psionic attributes in the stat-line, as those of you who've been following my blog know - I merely transposed the Psionics rules from AD&D 1e over to C&C with no conversion/changes.

First Off - Great C'Thulhu Himself!

Friday 4 February 2011

The Caverns of Draconis . . . . . . . . .

The latest Episode of "The Community" NBC's fantastic comedy show, was indeed a triumph.

You really REALLY have to give the show credit for not being afraid of anything, most writers/producers/directors shy completely away from D&D (or take the p**s) but not only did The Community jump into the metaphorical water feet first, they managed to pull it off in style.

During the course of the show, they explore the affects of name calling & potential suicide (with a REALLY strong and sensitive performance from Charley Koontz as the unfortunately nicknamed "Fat" Neil), strong and unexpected emotions (Britta developing a sincere relationship with a dying NPC Gnome), racism (SeƱor Chang made up as a Dark Elf, and Shirly mistakenly thinking its a "hate crime"), role reversal (Annie and Abed playing out a sexual encounter was a hoot - just watch her hand gestures LoL), and all sorts of good natured jabs at geekery and those who simply fail to understand it.

Pierce is once again the "baddie" of the Episode, and I have to say Chevy Chase is still as funny as he was when he was younger. But if he was playing in MY Campaign, he would get SUCH a slap for cheating LoL!

I have to say I found it to be a triumph not only of television, but a REALLY sensitive and realistic portrayal of a Game of AD&D - not since The Gamers (2002), and The Gamers: Dorkness Rising (2008) - have I seen anything so well done and enthrawling - Bravo!

Tightly scripted, well acted (as usual) - The Community goes from strength to strength; and this episode shows how bloody strong and versatile the Actors on this show are.

Well Done my friends, and Well Met!

Thursday 3 February 2011

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

I've only recently discovered "The Community" NBC's AMAZING Comedy of oddballs and misfits attending a Communit College.

I devoured the first season, and am well on to catching up with season two - BUT COMING UP is an AMAZING Episode entitled "Advanced Dungeons and Dragons"!

Its its anywhere as funny as the Trailer, we're all in for a Treat!