Saturday 26 October 2013

My Dungeons & Dragons Miniature Journey Starts Again!!

I've FINALLY started painting some Miniatures for D&D to replace those lost years ago in an electrical fire, I finally got sick of running games and using the Steve Jackson Cardboard Heroes - even though they are great, I just prefer painted metal miniatures.

First Up - "Anshar the Magic-User". Descendant of the Great Ishtar, Anshar wanders Aerth in search of adventure (and busty wenches) - prematurely grey (because of an unfortunate encounter with a Cleric of Orcus) he looks older than his years, a fact he regularly uses to his advantage.

Back Detail -

You may notice I've also started some Dungeon Decor as well, and like the Magic User I've panted they are from Otherworld Miniatures.

More to Come!

Thursday 15 August 2013

Maps and Map Making

I was thinking today about Maps and Mapmaking, and whats better drawing by hand or using Software to create your Maps.

For Dungeons, personally I prefer drawing them by hand - even if its just line and numbers mapping (like the Drummer in my Band used to do, on the rare occasion he turned his hand to DM'ing) or full-blown map drawing using gridded paper - I find as I am referring back and forth to books whilst I draw my Map that Ideas occur to me that might not when I'm simply tapping away at a keyboard or dragging a computer-mouse whilst looking at a PC Monitor.

I even know of one DM who draws things by hand, then scans them and finishes them off in Photoshop - but even going that extra mile for his Maps, he's still taken the time to at least start them by hand - something I think is admirable.

The same goes for Maps of Towns and Wilderness Maps - I "rough" them out using pen and Pencil, and then do a "tidy" map using the PC (I still love using software from the 2nd Edition "AD&D Core Rules" suite of programs for my overland maps) - giving me something quite professional to show my Players.

Whatever your take on Map Making, or your "process" - even though they are a very important part of the planning and the gaming experience, creating them should also be practical and fun - and I think at least some hand drawing is not only fun, but essential - especially in this sterile technological age.

A New Day Dawns

Well, a new Day dawns - and I'm feeling a little more optimistic again today. I did a little more painting last night, and progressed on (slightly) with two Otherworld Adventurers.

A Magic User and a Converted (with Scimitar) Fighter.

In the painting que at the moment are some more Player Characters (all Otherworld) -  a Human Lady Magic User (I don't think she's out yet), another (converted) Human Fighter, a Hafling Thief, a Half Orc Assassin, and a Ranger, and I want to get an Otherworld Cleric at some point.

Then (all being well) some Hobgoblins - Otherworld sculpts of these Classic Monsters and maybe then a Minotaur.

The Otherworld Stirges keep calling to me as well LoL.

I'm also TRYING to plan a 3D Dungeon Layout at the moment - four 1' x 1' squares with the entrances/exits at the same point on 2-3 of the sides, allowing me to re-position/change the layout between sessions/games - which will leave Doors that lead no-where sometimes, my logic being that the other side can be a secret door if desired/required

I recently got asked what my "process" was when Painting Miniatures - what I tend to do is focus on one specific element on a model - in the case of the Magic-User the Robe, in the case of the Fighter the brassy/bronze Armour I wanted on him. As that first element takes "shape" on the miniature, I start seeing the big picture of how the character or monster is going to look in my head - and find it much easier (OK, with my crappy hands its never that easy) to paint something.

LOADS of "real world" stuff to do today, can't wait to carry on tonight . . . . .

Wednesday 14 August 2013


Sorry about the total lack of effort, had some bad health issues - had to have a biopsy, waiting for results etc, etc

So my enthusiasm "waned"  quite badly, but thanks to chatting to Simon (check out his Blog Here - Brummie's Wargaming Blog ) my "drive" and imagination is returning now.

I've started working on some World/Scenario Ideas again, and  started on some new Miniatures for gaming with.

These are my new Dungeon Bases I sculpted and cast up - I'm planning on painting them as a Mix of Both Grey-Stone and Sand-Stone (like the old GW Cardboard Floorplans)

So much to do!

Saturday 13 July 2013

The 30 Day Challenge - Days Six, Seven, and Eight!

Sorry for the lack of posts about this, but I’ve been really ill the last couple of days with zero motivation for anything.

Still – it means I get to write more today, (trying to take away the positive here) – so here are Days Six, Seven, and Eight!

Favourite Deity – Mythological, it has to be Egyptian – so I’m going to go with RA – the “Pharaoh to the Gods”.  But, as a my heart belongs to Lovecraft, and as a proud owner of the original Deities and Demigods – I have to go with Cthulhu!

Favourite Edition – 1st Edition AD&D of course, it’s no secret how much I love it. 2nd is a close follower though, I won’t pretend its not.

Favourite Character I have Played – The Second Character I created was for original Basic D&D in my friend Philips  campaign – “Ishtar DeSade” a Magic-User, who carried on into 1st Edition AD&D and has gone through many different incarnations in many different games. I’m even using his descendant Anshar DeSade in a solo campaign I’ve been playing (I find solo games a great way of trying out new ideas before inflicting them on players).
Back to Normal Tomorrow! (Hopefully)

Wednesday 10 July 2013

The 30 Day Challenge - Day Five “Favourite Set of Dice/Individual Die”

Day Five “Favourite Set of Dice/Individual Die”

I assume this means “that I’ve owned” – one of each really, I loved (and still do love) my TORG D20 it’s always rolled really well for me, so much so that my players took a Vote once and unanimously wanted me to stop using it (which I did, because I’m Nice).

Favourite “Set” is a Q-Workshop set I was given by a friend (sadly no longer with us), it’s Purple with golden yellow “inking” and is (so I’m told) limited edition in those colours.

I love them so much, I’ve even used the D20 as my Profile Picture on Facebook.

Tuesday 9 July 2013

The 30 Day Challenge - Day Four “Favourite Game World”

The 30 Day Challenge - Day Four “Favourite Game World”

Obviously the tendency is to say “my own” I’ve run more Games there than any other Fantastic Setting. 

I’ve even played characters there who weren’t NPC’s there thanks to my Friend Christopher Murphy creating his own Island setting “Lemoy” which is not far from the Coast of Lamaria.

OK - back on point - I have two favourite Settings, Greyhawk and Dragonlance.

I’ve enjoyed Greyhawk since the beginning (and who doesn’t love Greyhawk) and Krynn – I fell in love with the Dragonlance Setting from the very first Scenario I read, and ran.

Monday 8 July 2013

ONLY Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition

David Hill and I have started a new Group JUST for AD&D 1st Edition chatter - "ONLY Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition" - User warning, its going to be much stricter than other Groups. It is ONLY for AD&D 1st Edition.

It's also intended to be a "safe space" - so Trolls will be clamped down on, and No Edition Wars either!

The 30 Day Challenge - Day Three "Favourite Playable Class"

 The 30 Day Challenge - Day Three "Favourite Playable Class"

Anyone (and EVERYONE) who knows me, is aware that I am the Magic-User Man (it’s where the Warlock part of my net name came from, and why I called my primary Shadowrun character Warlock as well) – I LOVE playing Magic Users when I get to play, in fact out of the three Demi-Human Characters I have played (Harlequin a High Elf Fighter/Magic-User, Grimtook a Gnome Assassin/Illusionist, and Alryk Di-Grizz a Half Orc Fighter) two were Multi-Classed Spell Casters.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I’ve been more of a DM than a Player much of my gaming “life” – but when I do play, I prefer spell casters – and in particular the ADnD Magic User class (The only exception to that rule was "Crowman the Barbarian")

Just ask Ishtar . . . .

Sunday 7 July 2013

The 30 Day Challenge - Day Two "Favourite Playable Race"

The 30 Day Challenge - Day Two "Favourite Playable Race"

I've been more of a DM all my "Gaming Life" than a Player, so I haven't actually had that many Characters compared to most players.

But the majority of my own Characters have been Humans (boring to most I know) - as a DM, I've always had a soft spot for Dwarves, although I've not had the privilege of Dungeon Mastering for many.

Saturday 6 July 2013

The 30 Day Challenge

"The 30 Day Challenge", not not a weight loss thing - but a challenge to talk about D&D for 30 days, full of memories and (hopefully) a little fun.

Day 1 - "How did I Start".

It was the day before my Birthday in 1976, my Nan (Maud, my Fathers Mum) had not long returned from visiting relatives in the US and gave me a small White Box with some booklets inside. "You like rubbish like this" she muttered (Maud was a grumpy old cus at best).

I read it, and did some "one on one" games with my Friend Philip Berryman (sadly now, no longer with us) but no other friends were interested. So it got put away (as these things do).

Skip ahead a couple of years, 1979 - I was reading Starburst Magazine (a UK Sci Fi Mag) and there was an Advertisement for Dungeons and Dragons - I almost jumped out of my seat, I was in a Band by then and they guys seemed really interested, and so we started gaming together - and the rest, as they say, is History.

Tuesday 11 June 2013


No, I don't REALLY believe that - I just wanted to get your attention.

The irony is more Evil has been done throughout History in the name of Religion than an other "cult" thing. Obsession, Evil, and addiction can be for anything - Gambling, Religion, Shopping, Sex, etc - it really makes me smile when they pick on a Hobby that improves Social skills, Basic Math, and Literacy.

And yet, people keep Spouting Crap like this -

It's almost like they don't want you to think for yourself, isn't it . . . . .

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Solo AD&D, Bad Moods, and the Quest for the Blood Diamond . . . . . .

Anyone who knows me is aware that I adore my AD&D 1st Edition, and can’t get enough of it so I’ve been playing “Solo” in my “down time” - basically a central character and the rest are treated as hirelings.

The main Character is Anshar DeSade – who adventures alongside with two human Fighters (Garth Valdemar, and Atoni Prax), a Human Ranger (Tyrian Silverbow – who takes his name from the “silvered” Long Bow which is a family heirloom), and a Half Elven (on her Mother’s side) Cleric of Demeter (she's from the Western provinces of Lemuria where the Ancient Greek Gods of flipside Earth are Worshipped) called Melina. Anshar has now reached the lofty heights of 4th Level (a little under halfway to 5th) – and I have to admit it has been a VERY slow progression compared to how often I play Solo, as I am taking XP exact at Base for what he achieves during play, plus Treasure XP (which is a LOT less than I give to players for roleplaying personally), Garth is 7th Level (don't you envy Fighters XP Charts), Atoni 6th, Tyrian 4th, and Melina 6th.
I’ve been REALLY enjoying it – I find it great “take your mind of stuff” fun, and it passes a few hours when I'm particularly fed up (which admittedly has been most of the time recently what with the passing of my Father, and tons of other "real-world" crap to deal with).

Last night I got a good few hours in – as my Son was out and Linda (the Mrs) wasn't well and went to bet early after a bath - so I thought I would Carry on, the Dungeons have been randomly generated - and XP has been awarded for specific actions and treasure (no Roleplaying awards for obvious reasons).

Don’t you just hate Random Monster charts sometimes, more often than not they add spice to a game – but this time – not so much.

My Wandering Monster Tables threw up a S**T Load of Zombies, 35 to be precise (I had to bring in Modern Zombies to have enough on the Table) – then (as per my Tables) I rolled for a “Master” Monster, that was controlling them – half expecting an Evil Wizard or Necromancer, I got a fracking Wraith. Rolled for how it came into the fray, the result – from behind – and (of course) the Cleric was at the back – No More Melinda . . . . . . .

(Before anyone asks – yes, I am way tougher on myself than any of my Players – I have to be, it keeps me interested).

FORTUNATELY, we managed to finish the Wraith off without too much hassle – but both Garth and Antoni lost a Level. FORTUNATELY he party has enough healing Potions to finish the Dungeon (I hope) – so the quest for the Blood Diamond will continue!!