Saturday 26 October 2013

My Dungeons & Dragons Miniature Journey Starts Again!!

I've FINALLY started painting some Miniatures for D&D to replace those lost years ago in an electrical fire, I finally got sick of running games and using the Steve Jackson Cardboard Heroes - even though they are great, I just prefer painted metal miniatures.

First Up - "Anshar the Magic-User". Descendant of the Great Ishtar, Anshar wanders Aerth in search of adventure (and busty wenches) - prematurely grey (because of an unfortunate encounter with a Cleric of Orcus) he looks older than his years, a fact he regularly uses to his advantage.

Back Detail -

You may notice I've also started some Dungeon Decor as well, and like the Magic User I've panted they are from Otherworld Miniatures.

More to Come!