Thursday 24 November 2011

The Legend of the Crystal Skulls - Part II

The land is split, Munkars realm embrace the power of the two Skulls he has - it has lead to a new age of prosperity and progress for the new elite, Munkar and his followers. Munkars "empire" (for want of a better word) is built of the backs of the ignorant and the less fortunate, only those outside of his reach live free in the 'outlands'.

Munkar lives in the vast city of Vivamus, a shining complex of many levels and towers - he and his followers live in great luxury, nearly touching the sky - yet the city streets are shielded by the towers from the daylight, leaving the less fortunate to live their miserable lives in shadow.

To the North, the winterlands - a cold mountainous region, and home to the Tribe of the Free. Barbarians who bow to no man save their High Chieftain, and then only out of love and respect - not out of fear.

Monday 21 November 2011

The Legend of the Crystal Skulls

In a time before History began, in a Land beyond imagination - lay the realm of Lamaria.

Darkness ruled the land, the evil Necromancer Munkar had harnessed the power of the Gods by capturing two of the five Crystal Skulls - remnants of power of the dead gods of Lamaria.

Munkar and his minions constantly search for the remaining three Skulls - for he who controls all five has dominance over reality itself.

Sunday 13 November 2011

This Really Amused Me . . . .

I (personally) believe in 100% openness with my Players, Don Turnbull of TSR UK (great bloke, sadly missed) always found that "odd" about my style of DM'ing - that I didn't fudge rolls etc

When 4th Edition came out, and practically everything is static - with little or no rolling actually done by the player - I was more than a little incensed - as it takes away a good chunk of the fun for the player.

So, this article on 'The Action Point' really REALLY amused me -

So, basically, it seems like its actually more fun to play 4th Edition like the older editions were played - odd that . . . .