Wednesday 22 May 2013

Solo AD&D, Bad Moods, and the Quest for the Blood Diamond . . . . . .

Anyone who knows me is aware that I adore my AD&D 1st Edition, and can’t get enough of it so I’ve been playing “Solo” in my “down time” - basically a central character and the rest are treated as hirelings.

The main Character is Anshar DeSade – who adventures alongside with two human Fighters (Garth Valdemar, and Atoni Prax), a Human Ranger (Tyrian Silverbow – who takes his name from the “silvered” Long Bow which is a family heirloom), and a Half Elven (on her Mother’s side) Cleric of Demeter (she's from the Western provinces of Lemuria where the Ancient Greek Gods of flipside Earth are Worshipped) called Melina. Anshar has now reached the lofty heights of 4th Level (a little under halfway to 5th) – and I have to admit it has been a VERY slow progression compared to how often I play Solo, as I am taking XP exact at Base for what he achieves during play, plus Treasure XP (which is a LOT less than I give to players for roleplaying personally), Garth is 7th Level (don't you envy Fighters XP Charts), Atoni 6th, Tyrian 4th, and Melina 6th.
I’ve been REALLY enjoying it – I find it great “take your mind of stuff” fun, and it passes a few hours when I'm particularly fed up (which admittedly has been most of the time recently what with the passing of my Father, and tons of other "real-world" crap to deal with).

Last night I got a good few hours in – as my Son was out and Linda (the Mrs) wasn't well and went to bet early after a bath - so I thought I would Carry on, the Dungeons have been randomly generated - and XP has been awarded for specific actions and treasure (no Roleplaying awards for obvious reasons).

Don’t you just hate Random Monster charts sometimes, more often than not they add spice to a game – but this time – not so much.

My Wandering Monster Tables threw up a S**T Load of Zombies, 35 to be precise (I had to bring in Modern Zombies to have enough on the Table) – then (as per my Tables) I rolled for a “Master” Monster, that was controlling them – half expecting an Evil Wizard or Necromancer, I got a fracking Wraith. Rolled for how it came into the fray, the result – from behind – and (of course) the Cleric was at the back – No More Melinda . . . . . . .

(Before anyone asks – yes, I am way tougher on myself than any of my Players – I have to be, it keeps me interested).

FORTUNATELY, we managed to finish the Wraith off without too much hassle – but both Garth and Antoni lost a Level. FORTUNATELY he party has enough healing Potions to finish the Dungeon (I hope) – so the quest for the Blood Diamond will continue!!