Monday 23 January 2012

D&D Next/5e

I can't help wondering (and worrying) if it's actually going to work, I really REALLY want it too - I've loved D&D since the White Box Edition.

Played Basic, then AD&D 1st Edition to DEATH - kept running 1st, but learned 2nd for those who like it.

Really couldn't get to grips with 3rd/3.5 - too many options, to open to abuse by unscrupulous players - I wasn't a fan at all (it still didn't stop me trying, but after one Scenario - played over seven weeks, I went back to AD&D 1st with a little 2e thrown in).

Then came 4th, and I bought into it - but it wasn't satisfying, not at all - really not enjoyable to run or play for me - so I started running 1st ed AD&D and Castles and Crusades for my "newbies".

Over time, AD&D 1st and C&C started to fuse - and we had something great going on. So it was more than apparent some of the newer concepts/elements worked great, they needed incorporating.

Is this what we are going to see with D&D Next/5e?  What they 'seem' to be reaching for is a little like the 2e re-vamp, with the Skills & Powers books etc

A specific "core" with books and rules you can plug in. Thats actually a style that appeals to so many gamers, I'm still REALLY hopeful they get it right this time - all the promises and chatter seem "spot on", so I wait with baited breath . . . .

Monday 9 January 2012

Do you know, where you are going to . . . . .

I actually bought into the whole 4e package to begin with, Rulebooks, T-Shirts, running Demo's etc. But I must admit, it didn't take me that long to "burn out" on the whole thing.
 When I got fed up with it (which really didn't take that long at all) I FLEW back to AD&D 1st Edition (which is still my favourite version of the Game) with some Castles & Crusades on the side (which was my gateway system, to get people to play AD&D) - so my imagination hasn't been stilted or abandoned, just dissapointed.
I'm really REALLY hoping 5th Edition "cuts it" as far as I am concerned - my AD&D Books are looking tired and well worn now, and they are getting increasingly expensive to replace should I  need to.

5th Edition D&D Announced

Dust off your Wallets D&D Fans!

As I predicted early last year (and suffered even more hate attacks and abuse than usual), 5th Edition would be announced next (now this) year.

The Articles (both news and off the Wizbro website) read as hopeful, they kinda (in a VERY round about way) admit they screwed up with 4th - alienating fans etc.

Whether or not they are going to get it right waits to be seen, but (as usual) I am excited and remain optimistic. I just hope (for once) I am correct in my optimism.