Wednesday 29 February 2012

Bruce is Back

I don't know how many of you have read/heard but Bruce Heard is back!

When TSR closed its doors, many of its staff moved over to Wizards of the Coast - instead Bruce Heard left the RPG industry to bring up his newborn son.

Now that his son is older, Bruce has decided to come back to gaming and has started up a blog, called New… and to be improved, where you will be able to see what he is up to now, as well as hearing some of his stories from days gone by.

Bruce is best known for his work Mystara products, many of which were created for the BECMI version of Dungeons & Dragons. Ed Greenwood (creator of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting) recently called Bruce “the heart and soul of Mystara”.

One of the recent entries from the New… and to be improved blog is a list of answers to questions that Bruce got flooded with about, which fans asked after he signed up to the Mystara Reborn group on Facebook. But don’t just read that blog post, as there are plenty of other interesting things going up on the blog.

Great Stuff!

Tuesday 7 February 2012

Dungeon Masters

Somebody on the Facebook "Old School Gamers" Group asked about Dungeon Masters.

Should they be "All Powerful", or merely Story Tellers and Referees.

My response - The Good ones are all three, without your Players realizing the first one even matters . . . . .

Anyone else got any thoughts??