Sunday, 20 September 2009

Class & Level Limits

I PERSONALLY think the Class & Level Limits in AD&D 1st Ed. were a good thing.

They further illustrated the differences in the Races, showed their natural leanings and areas they were particularly strong in.

Of Course AD&D was always centered around Humanity, and the REAL reason why Humans were always unlimited was the fact they had no special abilities beyond unlimited Level advancement.

I had already put the Multi-Classing & Dual-Classing rules/ideas in an earlier Blog.

You will notice when reading the C&C Rules certain things are different, and certain things stay the same. They have messed about with the Races/Classes thing making it more in line with the dreaded (as far as I am concerned 'not' 3rd Edition - I still find it ridiculous that any Race can belong to ANY Class - Half Orc Paladins really don't do it for me). As I intend that the Games I run have some of the original restrictions, its logical that Level Limitations be restored to the Races.

This isn't to say that Halflings (for example) cannot go above 4th Level as a Fighter, one of the things I have done is set the level limitations to their Maximums as stated in Unearthed Arcana (ignoring Attribute Scores) for simplicity.

Then (of course) there are Wishes, Potions, and other life altering Magic Items . . . . . .

Race/Class Level Limitations

Dwarven level limitations

Assassin – 12th
Cleric – 16th
Fighter – U
Thief – U

Elven level limitations

Assassin – 12th
Cleric – 12th
Druid – U
Fighter – 14th
Ranger – 14th
Thief – U
Wizard – 18th

Gnomish Level Limitations

Assassin – 10th
Cleric – 14th
Fighter – 9th
Illusionist – U
Thief – U

Half Elven Level Limitations

Assassin – 11th
Bard – U
Cleric – 12th
Druid – U
Fighter – 13th
Ranger – 15th
Thief – U
Wizard – 8th

Halfling Level Limitations

Cleric – 10th
Druid – 13th
Fighter – 10th
Thief – U

Half Orc Level Limitations

Assassin – U
Cleric – 7th
Fighter – 17th
Thief – 11th

Notice some Classes are missing from each list, the Classes missing are those that the Race in question are normally prohibited from taking.

These AREN'T set in Stone, if a Player shows up with a REALLY cool idea for a Dwarven Child raised in a Monastary - you should allow a Dwarven Monk. But ONLY if the backstory is deserving.

Keep Rollin'

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