Monday, 14 September 2009


Did anyone else use Psionics in their AD&D 1e Games.

I've always quite liked Psionics, they gave the PC's a little more 'punch' if they got lucky. Plus there is the Healing benefits if just ONE of the Party Manages it.

I've never like the Psionicist Class myself, which isn't really a problem as I run 1st Ed (and now C&C Lol).

Plus you have the luxury of certain Monsters (unfortunately they don't occur in the standard Castles & Crusades Rules, no doubt because of a fit of copyright peek from WotC) and being able to use them to their full potential.

Mind Flayers (a particular favourite of mine), and Intellect Devourers just to mention but two.

Conversion of such Creatures isn't really a problem (more of that in the next post), so my own Campaign at least will include them.

We've been rolling Characters for C&C, and have just imported the Psionics rules wholesale - the next game is coming up so will let you know how it goes.

Keep Rollin'

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