Friday, 25 September 2009

Exceeding Level Limits

One of the things I quite liked from Second Edition, was allowing extra Levels of advancement for Non-Humans for high attribute scores. So here are said rules presented for Castles & Crusades.

Non-Human Characters with extremely high scores in their ‘Prime’ Attributes can exceed their Racial maximum levels. In the case of Multi-Class characters, the additional Levels only apply for the Prime Attribute of the class in question.

Level Bonuses for High Prime Attributes

Attribute Scores & Additional Levels
14-15 = +1 Level
16-17 = +2 Levels
18 = +3 Levels
19+ = +4 Levels

For example – "Kalar the Holy" is a Dwarven Cleric and is limited as such to 16th Level in the Cleric Class. However his Wisdom is 18, this means that Kalar can reach 19th Level as a Cleric.

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