Monday, 21 September 2009

Mind Flayers

We have 'imported' the 1st Edition Psionics Rules wholesale, and I must say it looks quite promising. Allowing the use of additional Monsters AND giving Player Characters even more options.

So, in all its glory - here is the (hopefully true to the spirit of the original) Mind Flayer.


SIZE: Medium (Man Sized)
HD: 8d8+4
MOVE: 28 ft
AC: 15
ATTACKS: 4 (Tentacle Strikes)
SPECIAL: Mind blast, Magic Resistance (Pr+), Darkvision 90 ft
INT: Genius
ALIGNMENT: Lawful evil
TYPE: Aberration
XP: 1250+8 per HP
PSlONlC ABILITY: 241-340
Attack/Defense Modes: B/FGH

Mind flayers are found only in subterranean places, as they detest sunlight. They are greatly evil and consider the bulk of humanity (and its kin) as cattle to feed upon.

The mind flayer’s physical attack is by striking a victim with its four tentacles. If a tentacle hits and scores maximum (3 Points) Damage from its attack – the tentacle begins to burrow into its victims skull, and will reach the opponent’s brain in 1-4 melee rounds – drawing it forth, immediately killing its prey. The mind flayer then devours the brain.

Its more feared attack mode, however, is the mind blast of psionic power. All within a 6” directional cone of 1.5 ft in diameter at the point of emanation and 2” diameter at extreme range are affected (Psionic attack on non-psionic).

Mind flayers have the following psionic abilities: levitation, domination, ESP, body equilibrium, astral projection, probability travel. They perform at 7th level mastery.

If an encounter is going against a mind flayer it will immediately flee, seeking to save itself regardless of its fellows or its treasure.

These monsters speak only their own arcane language and several other weird tongues- purportedly those of terrible races of things which dwell in regions of the subterranean world far deeper than mankind has ever ventured.

It is also rumoured that these monsters have a city somewhere deep beneath the earth. Description: The mind flayer's skin glistens with slime. Its skin colour is a nauseous mauve, its tentacles being purplish black. A mind flayer’s eyes are dead white, no pupil being evident. The three long fingers of each hand are reddish, but the hands are mauve.

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