Sunday, 27 September 2009

Monsters in Miniature

I was wondering how many people use miniatures for their games, and what they use.

Although I am not a huge fan of the soft bits of rubber Wizards of the Coast produce, but its undeniable that the selection in the range is amazing and they do provide a ready source of Monsters for AD&D/C&C games.

Advantages - the more Common Monsters can be picked up quite cheaply. Huge selection.

Disadvantages - the Rare figures can be quite expensive, but generally cheaper than buying a metal model. Random packaging, only one model shown in the Booster - the rest are purchased 'blind'. Singles can be hard to find.

Then there is the pre-painted Range "Legendary Encounters" from Reaper miniatures, which has one of the nicest Bugbear designs I've seen in many a year.

Advantages - non random packaging. Slightly higher production values than the D&D miniatures.

Disadvantages - Slightly more expensive than their D&D counterparts for common monsters. Not much in the range as of yet.

Lastly, there is Otherworld Miniatures who produce 'Old Skool' miniatures. This range is of the highest quality, and are designed to look like the original AD&D Monsters. Pig Face Orcs, Ogres with clawed feet, Demons & Devils. Even Stirges and Shriekers.

Advantages - high quality, excellent sculpts that look exactly right.

Disadvantages - expensive, mail order only (that I know of).

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