Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Great Things about AD&D

Do you remember your fist game of AD&D, your first rush of excitement, and your first sigh of relief when your Character DIDN'T die!

So, here is a list of GREAT memories that I reckon most people have experienced . . . . .
  • Rolling a Natural Twenty JUST when you really REALLY need it
  • Going up a Level
  • Being reduced to Zero hit points, unconscious, possibly dead
  • The 10‘ ft pole
  • The Druid spell Shillelagh
  • Being a 1st level Character with 1 hit point and a Dagger
  • Drinking Ale in the tavern waiting to be hired for an adventure
  • The Robe of Useful Items
  • THE best Treasure Type – Treasure Type Q
  • Magic Missiles - The crutch of every Magic User
  • Backstabs
  • The Monk Class
  • Passing your "Am I Psionic Roll"
  • Drow as Characters
  • Wishes
  • Killing your first Orc
  • Beholders
  • The Deck of Many Things
  • The first time you opened a treasure chest and didn't check for traps
  • The first dungeon door you opened
  • Sleep Spells
  • A first level wizard rolling a D4 for hit points and getting a 4 - you thought you were invincible
  • Kobolds - a monster (if you could call them that) with less hit points than you
Ah, Happy Days . . . . .

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