Tuesday, 22 September 2009

More from Booty and the Beasts

Well, its time for yet another Magic Item from 'Booty and the Beasts' - this time the 'Ring of Gumbos'.

Ring of Gumbos

Made of a dull sheened pewter, the Ring of Gumbos is carved into the shape of many Gumbos holding hands.

Upon issuing the correct command word, the wearer my call forth one Gumbo from the ring.

These odd little creatures stand around 4 feet in height, with have pale near translicent skin and large bulbous eyes. Gumbos have no mind whatsoever, and follow any and all orders without question.

It is for this reason, Gumbos may be used in a variety of helpful fashions -

For example, one could order a Gumbo to open an obviously trapped door, unlock a cursed chest, or distract the attention of a demon allowing the owner of the ring to escape.

Gumbos have but one hit point, an armour class of 10 and a movement of 15 ft.

Rings of this type generally have 3-36 Gumbos stored within them.

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