Monday, 21 September 2009

The Wand of the Marrow-Squid

Booty & the Beasts was a wonderful (if unofficial) tome of ideas, beasties, and items for both AD&D and Gamma World.

Erol Otus did the amazing illustrations, and the inhabitants of the pages ranged from the kooky to the downright bizarre.

I am only going to convert the fantasy elements over to C&C as these days I prefer not to mix my genres (though with what’s in the upcoming Keepers guide, I most likely will be attempting a Gamma World conversion).

Wand of the Marrow Squid

Through some dark Wizardry, an amputated tentacle from a dead Marrow Squid has been affixed to a rod of simple copper, animated, and placed under the control of the wielder of the Wand.

Once pointed at a single target up to 60 feet away and squeezed, this wand sucks out all the target’s bones – unless he makes a Saving Throw vs. Wands.

However, the Wand extracts the victims Bones in such as way that even though the target loses his Skeleton, if he makes a successful Constitution check with a difficulty of 5, he will remain alive.

Of course, he will now be a pile of flesh, organs, and muscle – unable to do anything except gurgle.

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