Sunday, 27 September 2009

Primary, Secondary, Tertiary

In Castles & Crusades the Primary Attribute concept is introduced, the Challenge Base associated with a Primary attribute are set at 12+. All other attributes have the Challenge Base set at 18+.

There are no averages, no middle ground - you are either talented at something or you struggle.

What I want to do is introduce the idea of Secondary and Tertiary Attributes.

We all know how Prime attributes work, with the Challenge Base being set at 12+.

The idea behind this is simple - rather than all other attributes being set at 18+, Secondary attributes have a Challenge Base of 15+, and Tertiary have a Challenge Bevel of 18+.

Humans pick three Primes, two Secondary’s, and one Tertiary. Non-Humans pick two Primes, three Secondary’s, and one Tertiary.

This way Non-Humans aren’t quite as penalized, and you get a more realistic spread (the Saving Throws for example are more in line with AD&D). However, ONE of your choices still has to be the Prime of the Class you have chosen.

So, to sum up –
  • Humans – 3 Primes, 2 Secondary’s, 1 Tertiary.
  • Non-Humans – 2 Primes, 3 Secondary’s, 1 Tertiary.
  • One of your Primes MUST belong to the Character Class chosen.
  • Prime Challenge Base – 12+
  • Secondary Challenge Base – 15+
  • Tertiary Challenge Base – 18+
Keep Rollin'

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